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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Review Nokia 9210. Part 3

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Such applications as Word, Sheet, Presentation viewer and File manager are located in the menu Office. First three applications present a mobile office of the communicator. They help to view and edit text files, tables and presentations. Their capabilities are scarcer than similar applications on PC, but they allows a user working without PC.


All programs necessary to control a communicator are collected in this section, including contorl panel, Internet settings, clock and alarm-clock, Imaging (enables to work with graphics), Help, calculator, Voice memo, a special application to use 9210 as fax-modem. Data Mover will help users of 9110 to move all data to 9210. If you wasnt a user of 9110, you can delete this application.

The calculator looks like on the picture below. It seems to us that it is not comfortable.

On the next photos you can see clock and alarm-clock. It is possible to setup time for two time zones and make a list of alarm-clocks. They can be setup in many ways. These functions are really impressed. !

Now lets describe Imaging application. It is necessary to work with images of Tagged Image File Format (TIFF, JPEG) TIF, JPG, JIF. Thumbnails are created automatically while viewing. One can create a photo album to store pictures. You can use scaling if the picture is full-screen.

You can study settings of the communicator in the control panel and adjust settings.

For example, you can adjust display settings. To change a color scheme, you should reload the communicator (close it and remove the battery).

You can also get the information about the device memory and memory card. Sometimes it is very useful.

There are no other standard applications in the 9210. Now lets view what programs recorded on CD.

Extra applications

Up to 20 extra programs can be installed from CD. Some of them can be really useful. All additional programs could be found in the Extras menu. If you like, you can move labels to desktop.

The first application I installed was Converter. It enables to convert length measures, mass, currency and so on. Using this program you will always know how many meters in one pound or how many ounces in one kilogram.

Real Player is a accurate copy of PC programs, but intended for mobile phones.

At last few words about games. There are several of them on CD. I recommend you to install Bounce (the goal is to cope with a maze). The game is very captivate.

The other game is Snake. I dont know why but I didnt like the realization of it in the handset.

The next game or even a set of 6 games - Card Deck. It involves different patiences Klondike, Nestor and others.

The last game is TriplePop. I liked it very much and even think about where to find a PC version of this game. If you know, please send me a link. A small ball is rotate in the center, balls of different colors are appeared from different sides. Three balls of one color are disappeared. Your mission is to control rotations of the ball. This game resembled me Balls, but it is more original.


The reception quality of the communicator is comparable to Nokia 6210. It has the same volume and sound. Sometimes, I even thought that 9210 had better reception quality than 6210. But I couldnt prove it. Its just my impression.

It is very convenient to wear the phone in a bag. The ringer is heard excellent. Any wav-file can be used as a ringing tone. When you adjust a profile you cant listen to the melody. First you should select it and only after that it is possible to listen to it.

The problems can arise when you switch the phone mode to PDA mode. For example, I missed a call and view the information on the external screen. When I open the communicator, an internal backlighting wasnt turned on. Once the 9210 was hang-up. I doubt that data can be lost while such , but their presence is rather unpleasant.

When the brightness is the highest, text on the upper part of the screen becomes almost not visible.

The communicator is sensitive to free memory. When the communicator doesnt have enough memory, many applications stop working and informs about an error.


Nokia 9210 was one of the long-awaited devices. It has already became popular, although it is not available in the shops. It seems to me that it has been developed for a long time. Not all new technologies are involved in it. It doesnt support GPRS and Bluetooth. HSCSD support doesnt help, because to use it, you should buy a special adapter. You should pay extra money for the speed only 43,6 kbps. Developers promise that after Symbian Epoc 6.1 (current version is 6.0), the situation will change. But it is not known when it will be.

Its disappointing that you should use a slow COM-port for synchronization. It would be much better if USB-cable were available. So, 9210 is better to call a samrtphone than communicator, because it doesnt have up-to-date connectivity capabilities. Even Web-browser didnt display most of saved pages of modern sites.

It is comfortable to use the communicator as the phone using speakerphone function. It is not convenient to speak in the phone mode because the communicator weighs one forth of kilogram and doesnt have ergonomics form. But this inconvenience is compensated by service capabilities: calls logs, a possibility to receive and send e-mails, faxes, SMS, using keyboard.

Office applications are useful during the trips, they are not intended for daily work. If you need you can read the documents and edit them a little bit. But you wont input full documents in 9210.

The phone has astonishing organizer combined with alarm clock and advanced phonebook. It allows to forget about several shortcomings.

As any hybrid device, the communicator loses to combination of handheld computer and mobile phone. Taking into account that average price of 9210 is 11150 USD, its better to buy a functional mobile phone with GPRS and Bluetooth support and good PDA with color screen. It would cost by 20-30% cheaper.

We think that 9210 will become a fashion product, which will be purchased by businessmen and top managers. And in most cases 9210 will just lie on the table to show status of the owner. Its much more comfortable to talk using usual mobile phone.

Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Maria Sennikova (maria@mobile-review.com)

Published — 31 March 2003

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