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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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CeBIT 2003. Mobile phones from Samsung

CeBIT 2003 - first day of the exhibition, part 1

CeBIT 2003 - first day of the exhibition, part 2

CeBIT 2003 or 7 Euro to get home...

CeBIT 2003 at the weekend

Samsung has rather a large and one of the most interesting stands in pavilion 26. It contained the largest number of new models. Of course, many of them are similar to each other, but there are innovative products as well. Lets overview these products together. We needed nearly one hour to examine this stand. So, its really worth to see.

I dont want to speak about the models of the current phone line, such as Samsung S200, S300, V200, T400, T500. They have been already described and most of their reviews can be found in the respective sector on our site. First of all let me apologize for the mistake, which was made in the first part of the report from the exhibition. In reality a clamshell model, which we called as T700 and presented as a first Symbian-powered clamshell phone, is called D700. This phone is based on platform 60 and comparable by features with similar phones of other manufacturers. You could see how this handset could play back mp3 files, video, take pictures and short videos with a help of integrated camera (resolution - 300000 pixels) at the stand. We were stumped for the necessity of a rotated screen. The phone doesnt have touchscreen and that it why this construction is almost useless. You can just watch video or read books on such display. To some extent it is a substitution to PDA. We think that it is a passerby phone. Soon the other smartphone based on this one, would be appeared. It would have a touchscreen and such construction would be reasonable. These folder type phones will have a great advantage in the class of smartphone devices, as phones of compact size will have all features typical for smartphones of other manufacturers. In response to functions and software, D700 is similar to Nokia 7650, 3650. You can see it on the photos below.

Smartphones occupy a special place at the stand of Samsung. SGH-i500 is a device operated under Palm OS in 5.2 version. The phone measures 875426.9 mm and weighs 150 grams. Its a real rival to the products from Handspring, as it has a 65K internal display and OLED external display which is capable to support up to 256 colors. This handset has rather interesting features, for example, one can watch video and view photos taken by an integrated camera. The screen has a resolution of 162176 pixels, but it is capable to support larger resolution (324352 pixels) as well. Unfortunately, now suitable software is absent, but this feature can be realized technically. A total memory pool is 32 Mb. The smartphone is equipped with a battery of 1100 mAh capacity (lithium-ion), but one can purchase a more capacious battery (1700 mAh). According to the manufacturer, this device has up to 7 days of standby time. In reality it would be about 2 days of active using. Its a good result for such kind of devices.

Next smartphone is SGH-i700, which is based on Microsoft OS. So, Samsung is the only company, which supports almost all OS in such kind of devices. SGH-i700 also has a 65K-TFT display, which has a resolution of of 240320 pixels. Phone dimensions are 1327016.5mm and weight is 170 grams. By the way, it has similar features to i500, for example the same platform, memory size and batteries capacity. But Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition needs much memory, and we think that 32 Mb is not sufficient for it. This device will be available in the 3 Q 2003.

That is all about smartphones, the only thing which we can add is that SPH-i330 received an iF Design Award this year.

The other unusual product is wristwatchphone. Such kind of devices are well-known, Samsung was a pioneer in this field. Watch GSM-phones were never delivered to Europe, but since 4Q they would be available. This handset has no index, just a simple name - Watch Phone. Its design is made in Dick Tracy style, later similar devices would be also produced. Compact watch (37.86417.7 mm) has very advanced features. Certainly, compact dimensions mean that this Watch Phone has compact size compared to similar devices, not usual watches. The weight is 80 grams. The OLED screen is capable to support up to 256 colors, its resolution is 96x64 pixels. It supports 40-tones polyphonic ringing tones and has a built-in speakerphone. Besides, you can connect a portable handsfree and wireless bluetooth headsets. Watch phone is a dual-band (GSM 900/1800) handset, which supports GPRS (class 10). It is equipped with lithium-ion battery of 400 mAh capacity, which provides up to 1 h.30 min. of talking time and up to 80 hours of stand-by time.

The company is more targeted to future markets, especially 3G market. These products are based on existed solutions as GSM-phones are often based on CDMA-phones. A typical representative of a 3G phone is Z100. In my opinion it is a successor of V200, but it has a 260K screen, UMTS and several other features. In response to design and technical features, tt has no peculiarities.

Here is the other variant of a typical 3G phone.

Besides, one can view many CDMA-phones on this stand. They are rather interesting because after some period of time we could see similar GSM-phones. The main tendency is that internal screens would be able to support 260000 colors instead of 65000. External displays are color and mostly OLED now. Integrated cameras could support video records and most of them are equipped with flashes. For example, on the photo below you can see SCH-E200, which has an external OLED-screen and integrated camera (330K). Other features are typical to modern phones.


Its curious that Korean phones have the other menu structure. It was so earlier and it would be most likely in the future. By the way, this interface is rather successful.

This model also has an integrated camera, but it doesnt rotate. However, it has another peculiarity. If you look at its sides you can see two large loudspeakers. When you begin to play back available ringing tones, you understand what they are made for. Even in noisy conditions (on the exhibition) you can estimate a phones polyphony. Such excellent sound is provides by a 64-bit Yamaha sequencer. In a year all phones of the company will be equipped with it.

I liked SCH-E170 from ergonomics point of view. This handset is very convenient. You can easily slide a lower part of the phone. Due to a large length it is very comfortable to talk. The construction is a salt of this phone.

Several models with a metallized exterior were presented at the stand. They were protected by glass, so it was very difficult to make photos of good quality. Interesting design and unusual appearance attracted visitors attention. Telling about exotic models, I cant miss a phone with an integrated GPS-receiver. Unfortunately it was also impossible to make good photos of this model.

This phone, which has a touchscreen, is very promising. It is not a smartphone, its just a usual handset. If a sufficient system to recognize handwriting appears in the near future, this kind of phones will be greatly demanded.

Few words about P400, which would be available in March. It is an analogue of V200, but has a rotated screen (just for fashion) and supports quick shooting (up to 15 shots). There are different effects which can be applied to the photos in this phone. An expected price will be 330-350 Euro in the beginning of summer in Europe.

At last few words about accessories. You can see many bluetooth headsets at this stand. Pay attention that only some of them will be produced.

Generally speaking, Samsung has its own bluetooth-headset; it was shown last year. This year you could find it at the pavilion 16, the accessory is named AnyZon. In contrast to other products, which are available on the market, it doesnt have a microphone, a sound is perceive through bones vibration. AnyZon has a soft internal insertion, which enables to wear it comfortably. In general, it is a very interesting product, as it doesnt have microphone and an environment noise doesnt influence its work.

All these bluetooth-headsets are produced for the phone, which is called X410. It doesnt have any peculiarities and even integrated digital camera. It is expected that it would be available in October, the price is unknown.

In the next part youll know more about products from Nec, Sharp, Asus and others. Buy

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Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Maria Sennikova(maria@mobile-review.com)

Published — 17 March 2003

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