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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Review Trium Eclipse

Trium Eclipse, live pictures

Standard kit:

  • Phone
  • User's guide
  • Headset
  • Charger
  • CD with software

The destiny of some models is so whimsical that it's just right to sit and write novels about their destiny. Not popular in their youth time, they become interesting during that moment when they are not only phased out but as they say, are in the commodity rests of majority of companies. Such history has happened with model Trium Eclipse which has been presented for the first time in March, 2001, has reached buyers in 2002, but has not won their attention. The second and the last coming of Trium Eclipse became something victorious, in fact for that money that ask for it today, it is attractive and favourable purchase.

Choosing this device it is necessary to reconcile to a little bit old-fashioned design, - the silvery case, blue edging around the screen and the same back part of phone. Overflowing external aerial is striking, its black color discords with case color. It's impossible to name phone small by sizes, it's enough high and chubby (123х48х29 mm). The weight in 110 grammes is a little bit bigger than we see in modern devices (less than 100 grammes). For comparison the device is bigger, than Nokia 6210, and many consider it too big. To carry phone it is better in pocket of outer clothing, in jacket pockets puff up from it.

The screen occupies the most part of the case, it has resolution in 128х160 points, displays up to 256 colors (STN). Colors are faded and not so sated, but their plus is that they do not fade entirely on the bright sun, you see the information on the screen. In reading SMS-messages mode on the screen find till 11 lines of text, plus text labels for software - keys. In the majority of menu are shown as the minimum 7 lines of information, besides service headings and text labels. Today not each expensive model can brag of such resolution, and in this device such screen was already several years ago.

On the share of keyboard have allocated not so much place, digital keys are small and close located. It is not convenient to work with them, it is one of the biggest minuses of phone. Backlight of the keyboard is green. Under the screen there is navigating key, it is four-item. In standby mode its deviation calls phonebook, menu, and dictophone. Software - keys are combined with send call and release functions.

On the left lateral surface it is possible to see a small wheel, it serves for fast profile change in standby mode or loudness adjustment in talking mode. First time it is necessary to adapt to it, but then there will be nothing better for profile change. On the right lateral surface there is IR-port.

On the back surface is visible the aperture of dynamic which is used for realization of handsfree, this function works well, plus with the help of this speaker is reached high loudness of ring tones.

Having taken off the back cover (there is practically no gap, there is a rubber lining inside), you will find the battery. In this model it's the lithium-ionic battery in capacity of 900 mAh. According to the statement of the manufacturer it is capable to provide up to 180 hours in standby mode and up to 3 hours in talk mode. In conditions of the Moscow MTS and Beeline networks the device worked about 3 days at 20-25 minutes of conversations and up to 30 minutes of other functions use. Time of the full battery charge is about 2 hours. I want to warn, that connection of the standard charger to the interface connector not always proceeds easily. It explains by presence of two identical connectors, on ignorance it is possible to insert the charger with effort at the left though, but it is necessary to insert it into the right aperture. On charger's cable there (new phone) is a label, correct connection is represented on it.

Under the accumulator there is a SIM-card holder, the peculiarity of such construction is, that when pressing the clamping slat, the card flies up in the air, be cautious, during change of cards, especially in transport.

The menu

It was difficult to expect, that the old model can show impressive feature set, but all doubts have been destroyed after you enter into menu and start adjusting the phone for yourself for the first time. Having diverted the navigating key to the right, you get in the main menu, all items in it are located by circle. Fast navigation with the help of digital sequences is not present, to enter in separate items of the menu it is enough to divert the key to the right, exit - return action, we press key to the left. These functions are duplicated by software-keys but it is not so convenient to use them. Subitems are presented by lists, the choice of this or that function, as a rule, is animated. There is very pleasant impression about the menu. We'll tell about all functions briefly.

Phonebook. In phone's memory it's possible to save about 255 names, for each name fills in mass of information, starting with the full post address, family, name, e-mail address, company name, your post and at last icons (but there is a choice only from 9 pictures). For one name also enters up to 4 phone numbers, it is marked to what subscriber's group the user belongs. For separate numbers it is possible to record voice labels, in the device there is a check on similarity of labels, to save identical words is impossible.

In the list of names are displayed entries, both from SIM-card memory and phone. Names with several numbers are displayed as one name, for viewing all phones it is necessary to choose this entry. It’s possible to adjust for group of subscribers its own melody, all such groups can be up to 15.

Messages. It is stored only up to 20 messages, you can overlook the memory by separate folders (new messages, sent, queued to send). There is an opportunity to save up to 10 templates of messages. As a whole all is standard.

Calls and time. Lists from the last 10 received, 10 dialed and 10 missed calls, with indication of date and time, and also duration of talking. From this menu can be looked also the duration of all calls, can be adjusted limits.

Settings. As well as follows from the name, various device settings disappear here. Interest causes adjustment of ring tones, there are 31 tone and melodies in the phone, the last ones are polyphonic. The sound is clean and loud, 4-tonal polyphony is not only audible, it is pleasant. Any of sounds can be appointed as a melody for alarm clock. You have an opportunity to choose different variants of notification, from usual ring tone, up to the mixed mode or vibration alert, and then melodies. Loading of new melodies is theoretically supported, to me to it was not possible to find such resources.

There is a choice from five screen savers for the screen in standby mode, they are original on their organization. So, on these animated screen savers you see not only changing pictures, but they carry also semantic loading. When changing time within the day the flower on the screen will blossom out, in the evening it will close. The level of signal is displayed by amount of petals on camomile, the charge of battery by ladybird creeping on a stalk. The picture of city and road also varies, the sun shines in the morning, in the evening there are the moon and light in windows of houses. I think, that you have caught the idea, to me similar screensavers are very interesting. Besides in the theory loading of pictures as wall-paper is possible, to me it was not possible to make it.

Phone has such useful function as switching on/off by timer, it allows to save battery's charge. Unfortunately, that in absence of SIM-card the phone also tries to switch on, the screen continues to work for long hours. It is a minus of the software and it is not corrected in any way, all the same the phone has taken a back number.

Time is adjustable for two cities at once, you can change the current time in 2 touches, it's convenient function in trips.

Office Tools. In organizer you will see a calendar for month, days with events are marked. Events for week, day, are looked through separately. The description of event is capacious enough, it's unusual to see so detailed elaboration. The list of tasks is presented separately. Phone's memory allows to save up to 100 events and 100 tasks.

In phone there is a function of viewing loaded files (for them are allocated 250 KB ), to me it was not possible to use it in absence of files.

The dictophone records up to 2 minutes, and both from standby mode, and during talking. In the latter case it's necessary to get through the whole menu, the fast call of this function is not present. Other distinctive feature of dictophone is that the record is always the same, there is no division into separate fragments. So, if you have about 20 seconds recorded earlier and having activated new record, you receive the same file of the greater size, your first 20 seconds will be present.

The calculator, the converter of currencies are ordinary, however, the alarm clock is simple, it's adjustable only for one time and works daily.

Connectivity. Here IR-port, other adjustments are activated, for example, GPRS hides in Internet item of menu. The phone supports batch data transmission (4+2), adjustments do not cause difficulties. The standard kit includes software disk for use of phone as modem, here you have to tinker. On references of some buyers in some versions of this model which were delivered on Russian market there was no batch data transmission, probably this function depends on that for whom a phone have been made, operator models frequently do not support it.

Games. In the phone there are two games, Rayman Bowling, Rayman Garden. In the first case all is clear from the name, it is typical bowling, and the second game is more interestingly and develops memory. A field with the scattered crystals and stones is showed to you in it, you need to eat crystals, the problem becomes complicated that the picture disappears quickly, you eat away the space being guided by that have remembered. On your traces there goes a certain animal (bull?) if it catches you, the game will end.


Loudness of polyphonic ring tone and performance of melodies are on high level. Vibration alert is also felt not bad. During talking you well hear the interlocutor, but approximately in 50 percent of cases there is an echo, it periodically irritates. Perhaps, it is the biggest lack of this device. In the rest it is so functional, that some modern models above by class cannot be compared to it. At the price in 100-110 dollars this is the ideal budgetary decision, as there are no devices with polyphony and color screen for such money, they will appear only in summer. Therefore, if the presence of echo in some cases (it is not always), big sizes and old-fashioned design don't confuse you, it is necessary to pay attention to this phone.

Ringtone sample (400 Kb, mp3)

Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Andreas von Horn (andreas@mobile-review.com)

Published — 28 March 2003

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