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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Review GSM phone Soutec V16


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The Chinese company of Soutec first has presented its devices at SvyazExpocomm 2005. At this moment there are two models available for sale - V36 and V16; V76 should be exposed later. Not so long ago Soutec V36 was launched. Today it will be a question of younger model Soutec V16.

The model is executed in classical form-factor of a candybar, the dimensions of this device are 103 x 43 x 16.5; the weight is 80 gram. The design of the model is ambiguous: there is a combination of straight and smoothed edges. The device is not so attractive externally, unlike the senior Soutec V36. In spite of the appearance, the phone is convenient to hold in a hand. The body of the device is made of strong plastic, but the covering is not so good. The sample we tested had some strong attritions, both on the body, and on keys, when we received it from an exhibition. In our case it was possible to see evidently what will happen with the phone through certain time. Think, not many users will be delighted with the appeared attritions on the body of the device.

The handset is provided in two colors: these are blue with silvery and claret with silvery.

On left side of the phone there are two volume keys, the right side is empty. On the top of the phone there is a strap hole, and also an indicator with 7 backlighting colors , and on the bottom the interface connector is traditionally settled down.

On the front surface small STN 65K display with the resolution of 128x128 pixels is placed. The display is not the best one: the graphics quality is worse than Sony Ericsson J210i has.

The keyboard of the phone is made of plastic, the keys are small and well-distanced, it concerns both to number keys and a navigation block. A 4D navi button has an average size. Keys have little motion at pressure.

Our sample has no Russian characters on number buttons, but the commercial samples have. Due to the small sizes, the keys have rather small symbols on them. The keypad backlighting is blue, brighter on the center and dim on sides.

On the top of the phone's rear part there is a loudspeaker gap to reproduce a call melody. Below there is a battery, which is also a back wall of the phone. Its fastening is reliable, the backlash is absent. The battery is 720Mah Li-Ion. According to the manufacturer, it can provide up to 3 hours of talk time and up to 300 hours of standby time. Under conditions of the Moscow MTS network the phone has worked for 3 days in case of 20 minutes of using various applications and 20 minutes of talks.


The main menu is cyclic and presented by 3 items of the icons. The submenu is presented by vertical lists. The portrayal of the main menu is executed on an average level.

The localization of the device is not so successful because of abbreviations used where full names could stand well. Fonts of both English and Russian versions are thin, the height of the letters is different, and there is no possibility to make changes. The company of Soutec promises everything to be corrected in a short time.

Phonebook. Up to 300 contacts can be saved into the phone's memory. A name, up to 3 several phone numbers, a text note and a special group status can be added to each entry. There are 9 user's groups in the phone. In particular, an icon, a call melody, a special name and indicator's color for incoming call can be appropriated to each group.

The Search of contacts is carried out in the general list by the first letter, by a full name or a phone number. Also there is a speed dialing for up to 9 numbers.

Messages. Up to 300 messages can be saved into the phone's memory. Both memories (SIM-card and phone) are used to keep messages. In V16, as well as in V36 there is no support for EMS messages. There are subject templates and fields to create own ones. Messages can be sent both to one subscriber and a group.

Making MMS messages some unnecessary actions can be done, so the speed of creating messages reduces. The outgoing MMS message is limited of 100 KB.

Call logв. Here is the information of dialed, received and missed calls. The same number's calls are grouped and their quantity is shown in brackets. The information of the duration of conversations is also presented here.

Multimedia. All the phone's melodies and pictures can be found in this section. Pictures can be both displayed as three small icons and on the full screen.

Extra. Here are a plain calculator, world time function, a stopwatch and a timer in this section.

Operator. Here is a call filter (the black list), which is easily adjusted. For unknown reasons, the given function refers to "Operator" in this model, that confuses a little.

Organizer. In the given section here is a calendar with an opportunity of viewing only the whole month or the list of events. Every event can be named and related to a date and time. You can save up to 30 events into the phone's memory.

Tasks. It is just a text note. And not more than 30 events can be saved into the phone's memory.

Alarm clock. There are 2 alarm clocks in the phone. Each can work once: every day, only on weekdays or weekends.

Settings. Here are all the settings of the phone in this section. It is possible to choose one of 5 color schemes for the display, to set one of the pictures as a wallpaper, and also to adjust contrast.

Profiles. Here are six user defined profiles.

Games are of 3 different kinds in the device: the Boxman (logic game), the Tetris (without comments) and the Puzzle bobble (logic game).

WAP. In phone there is a WAP-browser of version 1.2.1.


The quality of connection hasn't caused censures. A 40-tones polyphony is realized in the device, melodies sound a little rudely, the call's volume is enough almost in any conditions. A vibrating alert is of average power.

The device suits the majority of users in functions. The function of the call's filter, named "Operators", rouses the most interest. The phonebook also causes positive emotions. Not so good quality of the phone's surface and its frankly bad display are the only things that disappoint.

The price of the device at present is about 100 USD. It is rather expensive especially for poorly known company of Soutec. Phones from the known manufacturer are available for such price.

Call melody samples( 262 KB, mp3)

Vladimir Fokin (vladimir.fokin@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Maria Mitina (maria.mitina@mobile-review.com)

Published — 28 July 2005

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