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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Review Sony Ericsson P900

Standard kit:

  • Smartphone
  • Battery Li-Pol 1000 mAh
  • Charger
  • Desktop charger
  • Memory Stick Duo 32 Mb
  • Data cable
  • Manual
  • CD with software
  • Extra stylus

Sony Ericsson P900, live pictures

We decided to publish this review after a recent leak of information from Sony Ericsson. One of their sites published an article devoted to the P900 with a large amount of photos and screenshots. Taking into account that our review was prepared already several months ago, and the fact that the article was written in French, we decided to ease the life for everyone else and print our very own review. Now you can read the actual P900 review right here on Mobile Review.com!

Many rumours have frequently circulated about the P900 Smartphone. Initially, it was known as the P810 and shortly thereafter re-named due to reasons of marketing to P900, which will be the official name that the Smartphone is going to be introduced on the market. At first sight, the differences between the P800 and the P900 are not that considerable, which gives the feeling of convenience to those already familiar with the P800 and the Symbian/UIQ system. The release of the P900 bears resemblance to Sony Ericssons release of the T68i, when the former Ericsson T68m was reintroduced as an enhanced model, where the new phone based on the same platform offered a revised software and modified design. Regarding the P900 the company obviously decided to repeat the procedure; the platform is the same, and it has only had slight changes. Overall, what we have is a revised version of the P800.

The design of the phone became more ascetic, and the combination of dark and silver plastic strengthens this impression. According to its exterior, this model supposedly would fit in the business class category unlike its predecessor which was originally made in frivolous colors.

Two service indicators are placed on each side of the speaker the network indicator is on the right and the bluetooth indicator is on the left. The screen looks deeply placed in the phones case, especially when you use a virtual keypad. The keypad could be removed as in the previous model.

All keys are chromium-plated and are stretched across the keypad and casing and feel much more comfortable than those on the P800. Traditionally you can use smartphone-applications both in the closed and open keypad-modes. When the keypad closes, the picture of the screen automatically adjusts to a smaller, fitting resolution. But lets move on to the control parts.

IrDA is placed on the left-hand side. The on/off-switch is located next to it. You can see a five-directional JogDial above it which reacts to pressure in/away/towards you and scrolling up/down, and helps to simplify menu navigation, especially in closed mode where you dont necessarily need to use the stylus. A handsfree connector is also located above it, and is covered by a rubber cap which is conveniently fastened to the phone.

A Memory Stick Duo card slot is placed on the right-hand side of the phone, where both a key to instantly access the web browser and a special CAM-key to activate the digital camera can be found.

A place for the stylus to be inserted into the phone when not used is located on the right side of the phone. It serves its purpose much better than on the P800 and looks more exclusive. On the other hand, it is in fact too light and is not very comfortable to use.

The digital VGA-camera is placed on the back cover of the phone. According to the developers, since the P800 the quality of the lens has been improved and so has the quality of pictures. True or false? You tell us! The pictures of the P900 currently shown is taken with - yep, you guessed it a true P900.

A small mirror to assist you when taking pictures of yourself is located under the camera. The battery is hidden beneath the back cover. It has rubber lugs which fix the phone on the table to prevent it from sliding and the cover from scratches, which feels very welcome. The back cover has a small horizontal and vertical backlash. After several weeks of usage the phone begins to creak when holding it which isnt really that irritating but do indeed appear after some time.

The case is entirely made of plastic no metal used there. I doubt that the cover will begin to peel off, unless handling the device in a harsh manner, but if you dont simply throw your handset on the table when you get home, you probably wont have any problems with the casing.

You can see some holes on the left from camera, which indicates the location of the speaker. Its used to playback sounds and to improve the quality. The speaker is capable of a loud volume, and speakerphone function has been improved. I should point out to you that its fully my own opinion, because comparisons with the P800 showed that they are almost identical in terms of sound volume. A wonderful impression from the P900 sounds volume is strengthened by the original melodies. Those who made them are very creative people, and i.e. I liked such melodies as Ring, ring, ring or Hello. You can also try out and listen to three examples of these ringtones (mp3 files) here, here and here.

The system connector is located on the bottom of the phone, and is the same as on the phones of earlier SE models. Its possible to connect a data adapter or handsfree, whatever which has the same connector type.

A few words about the battery: The handset is equipped with the BST-15 - the same battery as in the P800. Operating time hasnt been changed considerably, though the screen was improved. On average the phone operates about 2 days in case of 30 minutes of talking and up to 35-45 minutes of using other functions. If you constantly use bluetooth, operating time will reduce to one day. Total time of recharging is a little bit longer than two hours.

The screen has a resolution of 208320 pixels 42*64 mm) and has a colour-support up to 65K. The visible part of the screen in closed mode will be 208208 pixels. The phone has a high screen quality though its not so good in sunlight, but the information still remains quite readable. Taking into account that the screen is placed deep into the phone, it seems to be very large. In my opinion, the display can be compared with the screens of Nokia 6600 and Siemens SX1 in terms of picture quality.

The dimension of the smartphone are lesser than that of the P800: 1175727 mm. The phone weighs 130 g. Its 28 g. lighter than its predecessor. Overall, there are no problems how to wear the smartphone - it can be easily put in the pocket of your jacket.

Part 2>>>

Part 3>>>

Eldar Murtazin ([email protected])
Translated by Maria Sennikova ([email protected])
Text editor: Tommy Kellerman ([email protected])

Published — 1 October 2003

Have something to add?! Write us... [email protected]



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