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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Review GSM phone Sony Ericsson J200

Sony Ericsson J200. Live pictures

Standard kit:

  • Handset
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Manual

Sony Ericsson has established a foothold in the middle price segment, but it has not achieved much success in the low-end segment. Т230 used to be in popular demand and still remains saleable, since there is a need of model series change. And it was the point that the company perpetrated a blunder and put into production several model almost identical to each other. Short terms make the company work non-stop and reject a series of products. The company has decided against cancelling a scheduled model and that has resulted in a medley of a release term and prioritisation. In the first place, models of the least lifetimes were put on sale, for they were swiftly becoming obsolete. The models were developed on basis of the previous generation and differ drastically from the present K-series. An attempt of supplying a menu of the new type, installing a body of higher quality intensifies a strange sensation as a handset does not look appropriate to the segment.

The device is nice designed of lacquered plastic and released in two colour variations: white and black ones. Fingerprints are not seen on the plastic and the handset fits a hand greatly. Removable front panels are fundamentally lacking, because the handset is to be considered at a higher level. The dimensions are 101х43х19 mm and weight being 74 g.

The handset's STN screen showing 4096 colours is supposed as a remain. 65K screens have become standard for the class - for instance, Motorola C380, Siemens C65. A picture shown by J200 looks dull and fades much in the sunlight. The screen resolution 128x128 permits to show up to six text lines and a message line.

The side frames have no command key, but in the right an IrDA gap is noticed. There is a strap hole on the top and an interface connector on the bottom.

The keypad is made of plastic and keys are medium in size as well as in comfort. A drawback consists in the fact that calling of a contextual menu is possible with a single key and exit - with the Cancel key. The soft keys move a little and are rather hard to work with. The main distinction from the company's other models lies in lower ergonomics, mainly owing to the keypad.

The back cover has a loudspeaker hole and overlays a battery compartment. It also lacks a gap; the handset has a Li-Ion battery of 670 mAh. According to the manufacturer, the device is able to work up to 200 hours in the standby mode and to 4.5 hours in the talk mode. In the conditions of Moscow MTS network the handset has been working for about four days in case of 30 minutes of talks and up to 20 minutes of using other functions. Full recharging takes 1.5 hours approximately.


The main menu is represented as a set of 9 icons opening an access to item and subitem lists. Each of them has a number and that means the present of quick navi using numerical orders. The model is a low-end one and this implies reductive abilities relative to many functions.

Phone book. The handset's memory may contain up to 200 names and one of them can have a single number assigned. A picture and a melody may be correlated to a number. Caller groups are present. There is a first letter search in the list. Both phone numbers from SIM-card and phone memory are displayed in the total list.

Messages. This is rather commonplace once more. EMS standard is supported and some pictures are pre-installed for that. The memory permits to save up to 40 messages and there is a memory for templates. Still the device does not support e-mail and MMS.

Organizer. This menu has a countdown timer, a timer measuring intermediate values, and a calculator. An alarm-clock can be single or repeating.

Calendar. There are three types of viewing events: for week, month or for today. In the latter case, you see task and note lists and, in two former cases, event time and date are marked. There is an event view from the same place.

Call info. The present menu is traditionally engaged in registering and checking calls. The handset has two lists - missed calls (to 10 numbers) and a total list (to 20 numbers). Call date and time are indicated. If you cancel an incoming call using Cancel key, that number will be enlisted in the missed calls. You should be aware of such particularity beforehand.

Parameters. As evident from the title, this holds all settings concerned with the device's service - time and date, screen settings (contrast, screensavers), menu and entry languages, and profiles.

Fun & Games. The handset has three games - Casino Wheels, Deep Abyss, and Black Deal.

Melody editor is simple monophonic.

Threads are placed in this menu.

You may view all files in the list of melodies and pictures.

Connectivity. The device supports GPRS 4+2, work being possible with a cable or an IrDA gap (connection to PC) using.

The handset also has a WAP browser of version 1.2.1.


The model has no problems with the connection quality and the loudspeaker volume suffices in the most cases. This is a typical low-end solution, as it does not have any advanced facilities concerned with phone book, Java support, and other functions. The handset can serve as a simple solution for merely calling. It is rather to be supposed as an improved version of Sony Ericsson T230 - the model done with the best body.

The model's advantage consists in the plastic of high-quality and visual appeal. The device at a price of 100 USD may be regarded as a low-end one. The present cost forms 140 USD and higher and that seems unlikely for the class. It is significant that the model was developed quite long ago and as a result its lifetime will get the least. The company will not be able to promote the model for a long time. And we can declare with certainty Sony Ericsson J200 to have very many rivals. There is no obvious advantage of its and the device has already become obsolete.

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Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Maria Mitina (maria.mitina@mobile-review.com)

Published — 11 March 2005

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