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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Review GSM phone Sharp V902SH

Sharp V902SH. Live pictures

Business in Japanese style

The Far East has overtaken the whole world in the development of mobile phones and technologies that move mobile phone even closer to people by implementing such technologies as i-mode, scanner of fingerprints, bar codes, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Such things are unusual for us: we have got used to consider our phones to serve only for calls but it turns out that it may be combined with a lot of useful and useless options. That was made by developers of Japanese company Sharp, who presented two models at the market in December 2004: Sharp 802SH and Sharp 902SH. I was lucky to have the elder model.

The first impression from the phone remains for ever; it may be either positive or negative. In many respects it depends on a sex of the user and hands that hold the phone having the size of 102x50x26 mm and weight of 149 grams. The case's color at the top face of the phone is white polished plastic like an ivory or like player iPod, which is more familiar now, and grey metallic at the back face. When the phone lies in hands, it seems like of rubber, which will not slip out hands. Then it associates with an integral piece of metal. On the top face there are apertures for two stereo dynamics, having a size of a 10 kopecks coin, and operator's trade marks. On the back face there is a large camera's eyehole, display and flash. To the right from the flash there is an inscription "2.0 MEGA PIXEL, 2x OPTICAL ZOOM". Flash can be set on 6 different colors and so-called disco mode, which is a sequence of all colors. The external monochrome display has the resolution of 72x12 pixels; it displays the signal's level, a level of charge and time. During a call a running line with a name of the subscriber appears on the screen. On the left lateral face there is a socket for TV / headset with a cover of rubber. On the right lateral face there is a slot for SD memory card also covered by plastic cap, a small power indicator, coupled button of volume control and menu's navigating when the flip is turned, button "Ок/auto focus/camera/shooting" and the "cancel" button. At the bottom of the phone, there is a socket for stationary or desktop charger connection. Above the IrDA and strap holder are situated.

The brightest look

Having opened the phone you pay attention to the huge display which is executed on basis of the firm technology patented by Sharp - CG-Silicon. Technical description of the display is following: 2.4 inches, 240x320 pixels, 262 144 colors. You will not find any other phones with such display at our market; only new phones by Panasonic with displays of 2.5 inches in size 16 million of colors may become an exception. Colors look very alive. Comparing this screen with displays that have resolution of 240x320 pixels and size of 2 - 2.3 inches by other manufacturers, it is possible to say that the picture displayed by Sharp V902SH looks more juicy and naturally, but it is little bit dim because of its sizes. Above the display there is another camera for videocalls, the dynamic and a microphone. The display shows the information about a signal level, charge level, name of the operator, presence of a memory card, watches, whose options may be seen after pressing top buttons (Messages and Browser). Also it is possible to make the display show the calendar for a month or two months; days with records will be shown with underlined figures.


Under the display there are little bit sunk rectangular buttons. By pressing top left key in a stand by mode you will find the Messages menu. The right button activates a browser. Below there are Call and Reject key. Between these four buttons there is a round navigating key with the button OK/Menu centered in it. The third line consists of three keys. The first one is "Favorites"; having pressed it you will see calendar, calculator and dictaphone (all links can be changed for any others). The central button serves for cancellation / removal of symbols, and the right one starts media player which helps to listen to favorite songs and to look full screen video, including that was recorded by the phone.

The more the better

The first step of acquaintance with the phone was finished and now it is time to see its options. The menu consists of 12 icons, Games&More, Messages, Organiser, Connectivity, Internet, Camera, Contacts, Call Log, Media Player, My Items, Operator, Settings. Each item of the menu can be reached with the help of digital combinations, and navigating itself occurs without snubbing.


There are two ways to open a phonebook. The first one is pressing the navigating key downwards, the second is through the menu. The phonebook can store up to 500 names. For each name it is possible to set 3 numbers with a choice of 6 types of numbers (private mobile, business mobile, home, office, video and fax), 3 fields for e-mail (personal and office), an address, city, area, country, post code, birthday, note, name and surname, whose sequence may be changed, 16 groups, melody, video and an opportunity to make a contact to be invisible, that can be useful to spies. Search is carried out by 16 symbols without gaps.


This menu includes Calendar, Alarm, Calculator, Dictaphone, Scanner, Stop Watch, Tasks, World time, Countdown timer, Counter of expenses and Help.

Calendar contains 300 records distributed among 7 types of the importance.

Alarm clock. You may set 5 alarms for different time and periodicity (once, each day, etc.). In addition it is possible to choose a melody or videoring, sounding volume and duration.

Dictaphone works both in a stand by mode and a talk mode. Two types of duration are available: for the message and unlimited time of record.

Scanner can be used both for scanning bar codes and for e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, text and URL. Its work is not always correct and consequently it is not very useful. If there were explanations of bar codes in the phone's memory (for example, product's type and origin), it would be claimed. But now it is just a game which bothers quickly.

200 cells are allocated for Tasks. There are no any differences from the Calendar except that it is displayed in another way.

Bluetooth can be used to transfer files to other devices, as a modem or to connect the headset.

IrDA. Its work does not cause any problems. It can be used for connection to the personal computer without installing any special software and also for connection to other mobile phones.

Network Settings. The most interesting thing here is an automatic network search's switching off (to leave only GSM) that helps to save power, and switching of a radiopath (Off Line Mode) which can be useful when traveling by planes.

Internet settings. Here it is possible to set MMS/e-mail/WAP work. The sequence of adjustments should be made as follows: Access Point, Proxy and after that you should go to Application and choose what exactly has to be adjusted.

Backup/Restore. This is option helps to save all data (phonebook, messages, calendar, tasks, and links) in the card's memory.


It is curious, that while creating new SMS is possible to alter it in MMS at the same moment, it is only necessary to add some picture, melody or video. The maximum quantity of the symbols located in one message is 400. Size of MMS and e-mail messages is limited to 300 Kb. From additional opportunities it is possible to name the possibility to change font's size and color, Т9, a dictionary, copying and pasting the text. If you change the font size to medium or large when typing SMS, the message becomes MMS automatically, that is rather unpleasant because the small font is not always visible.

Медиа player

With the help of built-in media player it is possible to open video / audio files from the phone's memory (8Mb) and from a memory card (not more than 1Gb). Files with ASF extension may be viewed in a full screen mode providing that they are located in a Folder SD_VIDEO and are named MOLxxx.asf (for example, MOL001.asf), only then the file can be opened and overlooked in the phone. Besides the full screen video following types of files are supported: mp3, mp4, mmf, amr, 3gp. While viewing video you may rewind forward / back, pause and adjust the volume. When listening to the music files it is also possible to take advantage of rewinding forward / back, pause, choosing playlist and way of playing (Normal, Repeat, Repeat All, Random) and adjusting equalizer (Normal, Bass, Surround, Surround Bass). To start the media player is possible not only at a usual position of the flip, but also when it is turned so that the display is outside for more convenient and compact viewing. To look through media files on the TV you should go to the menu of Video Output display settings and to switch on the signal transfer.


The most unusual thing of the V902SH camera features is an optical zoom. Meanwhile it is the unique phone in which such opportunity is realized, except some CDMA phones. To activate optical zoom is possible only in a stand by mode with the camera switched on, by going to the expanded settings menu instead of simple pressing Zoom button as it is made in digital cameras. It is possible and to turn the zoom off precisely in the same way. To use it now it is necessary just to press the coupled button on the right lateral face of the phone. To take a picture you should press the green button with the image of the camera up to half. Some time bill be needed for focusing, and only then you should press the green button up to the end. The same way is used for setting and recording videos.

All photos in a ZIP archive (zip, 2.25 MB).

Sharp V902SH

  (+) increase, 640x480, JPEG

  (+) increase, 640x480, JPEG

  (+) increase, 640x480, JPEG

  (+) increase, 640x480, JPEG

  Sharp V902SH   Sony DSC P9

  (+) increase, 1632x1224, JPEG

  (+) increase, 1600x1200, JPEG

  Sharp V902SH

  (+) increase, 1632x1224, JPEG

  (+) increase, 1632x1224, JPEG

  (+) increase, 1632x1224, JPEG

  (+) increase, 1632x1224, JPEG

  (+) increase, 1632x1224, JPEG

  (+) increase, 1632x1224, JPEG

  (+) increase, 1632x1224, JPEG

  (+) increase, 1632x1224, JPEG

Video sample 1 (1.84 MB)

Video sample 2 (1.18 MB)

Call list

The list consists of 30 numbered records. To see lists of received / dialed / missed calls you should wave a navigating key aside.

My files

This folder contains Saved pages, Templates, Favorites, Melodies, Video, Photos, Other documents loaded from the Internet, memory card, by Bluetooth etc. Access is denied only to SD_VIDEO's folder files stored in the memory card.


Brief review


  • Flip's rotating on 180 degrees;
  • Internal display, which has no analogues at the market;
  • 2-MP camera with auto focus and macro mode;
  • Video recording in 3GP, MPEG-4 (*.ASF) formats with optical zoom and auto focus at the time of shooting and with macro mode;
  • Stereo dynamics which sound as the best flash players; there is a loud 64-polyphonic ring;
  • Possibility of setting mp3, midi, mmf, amr, 3gp, mp4 as any signal (except SMS);
  • Full screen video viewing;
  • Playing mp3 melodies with the support of playlists, choice of 4 preinstalled equalizers, playing in a background mode, when you can listen to the music and type a message, view pictures, edit phonebook, etc. at the same time;
  • Rewind of media player forward /backward/pause;
  • Full-function Bluetooth and IrDA;
  • Built-in e-mail client;
  • TV-socket for viewing video and photo at the TV screen;
  • SD memory card. Maximum volume is 1Gb;
  • Third generation's network support;
  • Supported Cyrillic;
  • Possibility of speaking when the flip is turned that is much more comfortable than holding a phone opened;
  • Possibility of navigating when the flip is turned (except typing a text);
  • Support and loading of 3D Java ( up to 1Mb) with switching to the background mode;
  • Long operating time. The phone works two days with 40 minutes of talks, 10-20 SMS, video recording, taking pictures, working with memory card, Bluetooth and IrDa;
  • Complete set.


  • Phone's size and weight. It will not be pleasant for women and those who prefer small devices;
  • Time of saving pictures in the phone's memory: it takes 5-7 seconds to save 2MP picture;
  • Stereo Bluetooth headset is not supported;
  • While recording video with an auto focus switched on, the sound switches off for the period of focusing;
  • When you transfer some data by Bluetooth or IrDA, you are not available, but having finished transfer/receiving data you may look through the list of missed calls;
  • Size of files set as rings cannot exceed 300 Kb;
  • Confusion while setting GPRS, MMS, e-mail;
  • Photo Call is not full screen;
  • Optical zoom is activated only through the menu;
  • You can not type a message in Cyrillic;
  • High price. You can buy the phone which is not blocked for the operator for 650$ in Europe.


In spite of the fact that the phone has been sold for a long time already and it is possible to buy Sharp 903SH today which has some improvements in the interface and 3.2MP camera, V902SH represents a well balanced phone, which can be related both to business and fashion segments. Quality of assembly and details adjustment is not the best among manufacturers of mobile phones; for example, a cap which covers memory card's socket shakes rather appreciable. Rotary flip loosens across rather appreciably too in a usual condition. I could not find any other serious minuses in the phone. As far as this phone is not sold everywhere it will remain corporative and will attract always. In reality phones that almost do not concede V902SH in their functionality appear at the market now, but they can be bought in official shops of our country, so it is necessary to think well before purchasing of such a phone.

Alexandr Ivanyk (tornado_kiev@ukr.net)
Translated by Yana Vilchek (yana_vilchek@yahoo.com)

Published — 8 December 2005

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