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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Review Nokia Camera Headset HS-1C

Standard kit:

  • Camera
  • Monophonic headset
  • User's guide

Nokia launched an external module, which allows to receive digital photos, for phones without integrated camera. We used a word module because this device unites two devices in one: digital camera and monophonic headset. Nokia Camera Headset is connected to standard Pop-port connector and compatible with all phones, which has this type of system connector (all handsets based on platform 40, i.e. Nokia 7210/6610/6100/5100/6800). We cant say that this device has compact dimensions, its height is about half of the standard phone height (for example, Nokia 6610). The camera is powered from the phone. So, you can just switch on the cable, which is rather long, by the way, and camera is ready to work.

To begin shooting, open the lens cover of the camera, look through the viewfinder and press trigger button. Viewfinder is located on the camera, phone screen cant be use as a viewfinder. When the camera is open you can see a switch with two positions L and H. They help to select a quality of received images Low and High respectively. In both cases picture resolution remains the same - 64040 pixels. We didnt notice the great difference between two pictures, the quality is not acceptable in both cases. By the way, you can view the photos of high quality yourself.

Its better to take pictures outside, otherwise, its very difficult to discern something on the image.

Taken shots are immediately transferred to memory of the phone. You can select a folder, where this image will be stored. If memory space is not sufficient, the image wont be saved, you will have about 1 minute to transfer it once again; otherwise, it will be lost. Taking into account that most phones based on platform 40 have a small memory pool, you cant save a large quantity of images.

Few words about headset, which is included in the standard kit. It is switched on to the cameras connector; to fix it you should make an effort. The phone has a monophonic headset, though most phones are equipped with integrated FM-radio. It is stated on the manufacturers site that Camera Headset cant be compatible with devices, which support stereo. We think that its not true, as Pop-port connector support both mono and stereo. The whole construction of this device is rather bulky.

Today quality of images, which you can receive, with a help of Nokia Camera Headset is far from excellent. This device is rather a toy, than a real helpful thing. We cant recommend to purchase it, taking into account its price (100 USD), weak functionality and inconvenience of using. If you need a phone from Nokia, which supports camera, pay attention to Nokia 7250.

By the way, to transmit taken images, you should use Phone Browser from Nokia PC Suite 5.1. You can download it at the site of Nokia (select Nokia 7250, even if you have the other model). All files are kept in the folder, where you saved them, but their resolution is not indicated. Copy them to PC and rename as *.jpg files. In this case you will see a received picture. Inconvenience of synchronization is also not for this device.

Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Maria Sennikova (maria@mobile-review.com)

Published — 16 April 2003

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