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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Review Nokia 3510i

Nokia 3510i, live pictures

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Nokia announced such phones as Nokia 3510i rather long ago; it is a new version of the previous Nokia 3510. Phones are similar in design. In spite of that, new colours of the phone were chosen. But dimensions of the handset are the same (118 x 49.6 x 17.1 mm). Moreover, interchangeable covers from 3510 are suitable to 3510i, what widths a set of interchangeable covers. A new handset has almost the same weight, which is only 1 gramm more than the older model (total weight of the model is 106 g). Similar dimensions and weight prove that both phones are based on the same platform. They also have the same battery type. A standard kit of this phone can include either lithium-ion battery of 950 mAh capacity (BLC-2) or BLC-1. As usual the phone is delivered with BLC-2 battery type, which provides longer operating time.

The first and the main difference of this model is a colour screen. Unlike the display of Nokia 7210/6610, it has a resolution of 96x65 pixels, though it can also support up to 4096 colours. Up to 4 text lines (16 characters each), title and tips to soft keys use can be displayed on the screen. Old, but color menu icons are used in this model, since it has another resolution of the screen. Image gallery is also color now, but all images are corrected according to the display resolution; they are not drawn in all details as, for example, in Nokia 7210. The information is quiet visible in a sunny day, there are no problems with it. But colors are not so vivid because of sun light influence. A color screen usually increases energy consumption. That's why, engineers added a screen saver, which looked like analog clock.

The same operating time (as 3510 has) is indicated in all description of the new model, but in practice its not so. Standby of 3510i is about 8-10 hours lesser than 3510. In reality the phone worked about 3.5 days in case of 40 minutes of talking and 30 minutes of using other applications. We can say that the autonomy of the phone is sufficient and it is comparable with other phones of this class.


Nokia 3510i has a standard menu structure; a shortcut number navigation can be used here. Lets turn to the main phone functions.

Phonebook. Up to 500 entries can be stored in the phone memory; up to 3 phone numbers and 1 text message can be added to each name. As the phone has a dynamical memory, real number of added fields depends on number of entries. There are no caller groups in the phone, but there is an opportunity to assign a special melody to each name. Voice dialing function is also available in this model. Similar voice tags can be kept but only the last one is used while dialing.

Messages. In contrast to 3510 the new model support both receiving and sending MMS messages. This function doesnt always work correctly but all defects should be removed in commercial version. WAP over GPRS is used as a transport here and its, practically, the only way to use GPRS here. The phone doesnt have neither IR-port nor cable connector. So using of GPRS is limited by Wap and MMS. Its possible to send a group SMS message selecting phone numbers one by one in a phonebook.

Memory space for messages is similar to Nokia 3510: up to 150 SMS messages and 50 graphic messages (as memory is dynamical, number of messages depends on number of graphic messages).

Calls list. Lists of the last 10 received, 10 missed and 10 dialed calls with date and time indication are stored in this menu. Here you can also view how much data are transmitted via GPRS, total time of all calls (all calls; only incoming calls; only outgoing calls) and duration of the last call.

Ringtones. This menu gives access to the settings of the main profile. Its necessary to add that 3510 is the first phone from Nokia, which supports polyphony (4-tones). But it sounds different. As a result a set of melodies was changed. Totally the phone supports 35 ringing tones, 15 of them are polyphonic; additionally a user can download up to 15 polyphonic melodies with a help of special service, which is not available in Russia yet. Number of melodies depends on their size.

Profiles. One can find standard profiles, which can be automatically switched off in special time, in this menu. Among peculiarities we can notice a possibility to set a special screen saver for each profile.

Settings. Different phone settings are collected here, namely time settings (data are renewed when a battery is removed), automatic keypad lock and others. In contrast to Nokia 3510, different color menu schemes can be set here. It is an advantage of the color screen.

Games. The phone supports Java application, so, you can choose any game you like. For example, such games as Bowling and SkyDiver were installed in my phone.

Gallery. All graphic images and ringing tones are collected in this menu. You can create your own folders and put your files there. This menu item wasnt available in Nokia 3510.

Organizer. This menu gives access to alarm-clock, which can operate even when the phone is turned off. Unfortunately it can ring only once. A calendar has a monthly view. There is a possibility to add 100-500 events depending on their length.

Applications. Portfolio is a pre-installed application, you can add notes about your investments here. Its rather simple.

Extra. One can find a standard set of applications, such as calculator and stopwatch, here. Also such feature as Wallet is appeared for the first time in a phone of this class. It allows to store information about credit cards, passwords and other. An access to this function is secured by one password. If you lose it, you will automatically lose all your information.


If to say about connection quality and volume of the polyphonic ringing tone, Nokia 3510i is similar to 3510. Polyphonic ringing tone is not heard everywhere and vibrating alert is average. There are no problems with software, only such function as sending MMS messages doesn't always work correctly, but all defects will be corrected in the next version of firmware.

In spite of the colour screen, all keys respond well to commands, without delays. Color doesnt influence the phone work. The phone is aimed firstly to youth market, that why it has rather big dimension and bright colours. An expected price will be about 220-240 USD in the beginning of sales. It will be one of the cheapest phones of the middle level with color screen. Later the price of the phone will fall down to 200-210 USD. Nokia 3510i has more features than Panasonic GD67. It increases a competition in this class. We think that launching of Nokia 3510i would be one of the reasons why Nokia 3410, Nokia 3510 would cost lesser.

Eldar Murtazin ([email protected])
Translated by Maria Sennikova ([email protected])

Published — 17 January 2003

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