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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Review GSM phone Motorola C155

Motorola C155. Live pictures


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Motorola is strong with its low-end models and some of them were known earlier under other names. While becoming cheaper the model changes its appearance, some functions disappear. The same can be said about Motorola C155. If you examine this model more precisely it will extremely remind you the bestseller Motorola C350. These models have similar functions, they raise the same feelings, but their manufacturers are different. The model C350 was created by Motorola itself while C155 is an ODM-model by Compal. Producing low-end models in the third companies allows achieving low prices that is rather logically in case of a high competition in this segment. The majority of companies use such method for their inexpensive solutions.

С155 looks like С115; it has the same roundish design and smooth corners. The phone is comfortable to hold in a hand, black color is stylish. It is the color that allocates the phone among the similar models. Its size is insignificant; the weight is comfortable to carry it as you wish.

The keypad is made of rubber; digital keys are large enough for comfortable work. The navigation key is 4-directional with the Menu key centered in it (button OK would be more pertinent here). Estimating the comfort of the keypad we can say that it is usual, there are no inconveniences. The backlighting is of dark blue, designations are well visible not in all conditions, especially in case of two lines of letters on the buttons (a localized versions).

The display is similar to С350. It has an STN-matrix which shows 4096 colors; the screen fades in the sun. The resolution is 96x65 pixels (28x18 mm), it displays up to 3 text lines and 2 information bars. There is zoom, which allows increasing the font and making it of the huge size. It is a good function for those with poor eyesight. But at the same time it will disturb all other people, because a lot of the words will be shortcut on the display and the comfort of using the phone will be reduced.

There is a strip hole on the top panel and the charger connector at the bottom. It is interesting that there is a headset connector at the left-side surface.

A battery is 920 mAh Li-Ion. According to the manufacturer it is capable of providing from 200 to 300 hours in the standby mode and up to 3,5 hours of talking time. In case of Moscow network the phone has worked for 4 days in case of 50 minutes of talks and about 25 minutes of using other functions daily. The working time is almost maximal for phones of this category. It can work up to one week with small amount of talks that is rather good when having a color display. The time of the full recharging is about 2 hours.


You can access the Main Menu by pressing the Menu key, which is centered in the navigation key. The items of the main menu are arranged in the circular order, so you will see all the items in turn. The phone does not support fast number navigation and the menu is quite big so you will have some problems with it. But you can setup shortcuts for almost every menu item or function. This is rather convenient. Two soft-keys can be bind to various actions as well, apart from the default ones.

Phonebook. There are not many possibilities: only one number can be assigned to each entry, there is a quick search of number by the first letter. Up to 230 numbers can be saved but only in a SIM-card.

Messages. The phone memory can contain up to 20 SMS. The phone supports SMS-chat, you may create changeable templates. This model also supports EMS, so you can find some pictures and melodies to use when writing messages.

Alarm clock. You may set the alarm, choose the time for it and give it some name. It supports several alarm clocks.

Chat. Here the SMS-chat is situated; the presence of the separate item of the menu for this function is rather strange because not many people use this function.

Settings. Traditionally you will find here all the security settings, wap-browser, language, backlighting working time. There are some screensavers in the phone. They can be usual or animated. You may choose the time period after which the screensaver starts working (from 1 to 5 minutes). In the very beginning of its work, the backlight will switch on in order to let you see a picture on the screen.

Ring Styles. A user may find here all ring settings. There is nothing outstanding.

Recent Calls This item is highlighted at the entrance to the main menu; it is possible to overlook the list of last 10 outgoing calls and 20 incoming and missed calls. It is a curious feature of the phone that pressing the Call key in a stand by mode you will see only the list of last outgoing calls. To see missed calls it is necessary to go to the main menu (but it takes 3 pressings or 2 of them if you have added this item in MyMenu). The disadvantage of this menu is that the missed calls are shown only once, when you look through the information about them for the first time. Later they appear just as incoming calls and it is impossible to know that they were missed.

Browser. The phone has a wap-browser version 1.2.1, everything is standard.

Extra. This menu contains a simple calculator and a stopwatch with intermediate values (up to 9 points).

Games.There are three games - Racing, Torpedo (shooter), Magic (s version of Tetris).


The phone has quite good reception quality, it is rather reliable. The quality of voice transferring is good, speakers sound quite pure. The volume of 16-tones polyphonic ring is average; sometimes you will not hear it in the street. But you can always expose a usual trill, which will be audible almost in any conditions. The vibrating alert is weaker than average, it is felt not always.

This model is intended for those who want to have a phone with a color screen and polyphony but for the minimal price. There are few competitors among new models: Alcatel 332, Siemens A60. C350 will become its competitor in the greater measure. Having the price about 70-75 USD, the phone is not so bad; it will suit pensioners (grandmothers, grandfathers) and pupils as well. It will appear in the market in November. If you look for a cheaper decision, and a color screen is not so important for you, so turn to Motorola C115.

Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Yana Viltchek (viltchek@inbox.ru)

Published — 30 October 2004

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