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The main focus of (established on 2nd September 2002) is mobile devices and technologies; we also deal with PDAs, DECT-handsets, MP3-players, digital cameras and accessories.

Our audience includes both mobile professionals (working for local the local divisions of manufacturers, distributors and retailers) and ordinary users, looking for up-to-date information. Our online resource is popular with both groups due to the guideline we follow; not only do we publish in-depth reviews of new handsets long before their actual release dates, but we  also create comparative reviews and analytical articles on both the Russian and European telecom markets. Our readers can access all the information they need on mobile phone markets in one place, both in English and Russian. Unlike other resources on the Web we never adopt information and always release only exclusive articles, that’s how we earn the trust of our readers. It is very unlikely that you will find an audience more bent on mobile anywhere else on the Web.

Our motto is «Write simply about sophisticated things», and this is exactly what we do.

All types of advertising at are categorized into sections. Our advertisers may choose one or several sections of our site to post ads in (text links, banners, flash screens). Every section has unique audience characteristics and thus, popularity rating. In order to ensure maximum effectiveness of your advertising campaign, we provide a brief review of the sections below.

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Main page

This section comprises links to articles, latest news, tests and phone specifications. As always, advertisements placed on the home page offer the best return on investment. Ads on the home page are a good investment for any company, even if it doesn’t deal with the mobile phone market - cars, bank services, watches and other products can be advertised on the home page with similar results.



This section features reviews of most models available on the market. This is the biggest selection of original reviews, and are characterized by an extensive format and copious live photos. Our portal is renowned for posting the vast majority (over 90%) of reviews before the competition. Placing an advertisement in this section will be of greater interest to the companies driven by sales of mobile terminals and accessories, specifically internet stores, local shops and handset manufacturers.

Also inside is the Accessories section, where one can read about Bluetooth accessories (both already available and upcoming). Apart from Bluetooth-powered devices we offer articles on solutions for cars (including GPS), headphones etc. On top of that, we are planning to expand this section even further with interviews and market analytics.


The most comprehensive catalogue of mobile phones’ technical specifications; constantly updated with specifications being added as soon as a handset is released.. This allows us to provide the most relevant and reliable information. Advertisements in this section will meet the needs of handset manufacturers and retailers specializing mainly in all the latest and anticipated phones.


In this section we release articles on new ideas and products hitting the telecom market; analysis of the current market state; forecasts; reviews on the marketing activities of various companies; interviews, reports from exhibitions, etc. The section is popular with all reader groups, and can therefore be used for a variety of advertising activities. The greatest effect is seen during exhibitions related to mobile technologies e.g. CeBIT, 3GSM Congress, IFA, Computex, Svyazexpocom, etc. We provide in-depth coverage of these events

PDA Phones


This section includes reviews of most PDAs, smartphones and communicators available on the market. These high-quality reviews not only comprise an editorial on the product, but also performance tests carried out via special software kits. Many tests featured in the reviews are exclusive and can be found nowhere save The Ad units available in our PDA section will appeal to Internet stores, retailers, device manufacturers, as well as software developers.


Here our visitors can find articles on the latest PDAs and communicators, market analysis, etc. This section is popular with all reader groups, and can therefore be used by all advertisers.



This digital music oriented section features reviews of various audio players for the most part. That is why companies retailing or manufacturing these devices will find it most useful.


Here our visitors can find articles on the latest PDAs and communicators, market analysis, etc. This section is popular with all reader groups, and can therefore be used by all advertisers.


Our portal delivers the latest news as it happens, rather than the next day as is the case with some of our competitors. We write our own news articles and don’t simply copy them from our competitors. Placing advertisements in this section will help wholesalers, as well as companies looking for professionals in telecommunications, since our news feed is monitored by most companies dealing with the telecom market.


In our forum visitors can get competent and quick help on any relevant topic, as well as talk about any subjects they are interested in. Despite low CTR, advertisements in this section are easier to memorize, plus the Forum is home to our most active readers, the so called “opinion leaders”.


You can post your press-releases over at absolutely free of charge. Feel free to send your press-releases to

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