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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Sony Ericsson at CeBIT or just sketches

Our attentive readers could have acquainted with all the Sony Ericsson new devices before the official announcement on the 1 of March. Though, the main models are worth reading a separate material, if you haven't done it yet. At the exhibition the visitors could have a look at such models as К750, W800. And the second modification of the device roused the greatest interest. Only from the hands of a nice girl at the stand we could see the phone, listen to the music quality (there were no earphones at the stand because of clear reasons). Though hearing anything sensible was hard due to the main hall noise. In general we didn't get an impression that a musical component of the K750 gave way to the Walkman. Just exchange the earphones and both devices play similarly. In a word, the second model is for those who got used to listening to the music aboard a plane and is interesting with a rich set of functions of the device. That is interesting the staff had too few earphones. Here are the expenses of changing a connector type, even the manufacturer can't get own accessories sometimes.

Specification Sony Ericsson K750
Specification Sony Ericsson W800

The exclusively produced for T-Mobile K750 was renamed in D750. There are no differences except for the operator's settings and interface changes (as for me, it got worse).

The same happened to the K500 and only the index was changed to the K508.

Some of the staff forgot to erase their personal phone book on the J300 and as a result every visitor did their duty erasing this or that entry. That is interesting, some young men succeeded in transferring women contacts to their phone books. Unfortunately, the model is not equipped with a camera, and then the names would have not just images but photos assigned. That would make choosing the contacts easier for those men, but the intrigue would be lost. For instance, you call some Madlen and surprisingly get to know she is older than seventy and is a grandmother of the previous owner of the device. Judging by the numbers the majority of the people in a contact list lives in Holland, though that did not stop those young men.

Specification Sony Ericsson J300
Review Sony Ericsson J300

The K300 didn't rouse any special attention, and that is quite clear, since people come to see more technologically advanced stuff. Though from time to time coveys of German girls and youngsters flew up to it and went further after some discussions. Such attention could have been expected to Sony Ericsson J300 but not this model. That seemed strange.

Specification Sony Ericsson K300
Review Sony Ericsson K300

Sony Ericsson P910i took about the whole stand, but evidently those who wanted to play with it have already done that before and the place was empty almost all the time. Very seldom an owner of the model came up to the stand and after some plain manipulations compared the software versions. Some people tried to transmit some text via bluetooth, considering the content those were advertisements. That is a curious example of the German businessmen enterprise - pleasure of high technology and advertising own product at the same time. We also couldn't but send a simple sketch from our smartphone. Naturally having written in Russian an indecent phrase "Vasya was here" by hand.

Specification Sony Ericsson P910
Review Sony Ericsson P910

We wont' stop at a large and nice Sony Ericsson Z800 and a small and also nice K600. You'll be able to read both reviews at the week with more details and no exhibition fuss.

A real announcement confined to the exhibition was the introduction of the ROB-1 accessory. That is a distance robot controlled via Bluetooth and equipped with an integrated camera. And everybody has already guessed its main purpose that is spying. The camera has a wide viewing angle and transmits real-time video to the phone, at the most piquant moments you only need to press the button and a photo is ready. Evidently, to avoid accusing of producing spy stuff the company manufactured the robot large - 11 cm in diameter. A small peeper can hold a distance of 50 meters from the phone (of course, if the BT class is corresponding that will be about 10 meters), it prefers moving along even surfaces, floors and gives up to staircases and a cross-country. The company representatives gave an interesting characteristic. Particularly that was a Ulf Persson, Corporate Vice President and Head of Accessories. "This is a great gadget for people who really like testing the latest technology first hand and having fun with new applications. Just like the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Car which appealed to a wide range of gadget fans, we believe that ROB-1 will become the 'must have' Bluetooth gadget to show off to friends and family".

That's clear the idea of ROB-1 grew of a successful small car controlled by Bluetooth but we can't agree that entertaining with the small peeper is possible with the whole family or friends. That is more a personal device that looses its mysterious sense inside a company. In the 3Q we'll be able to find which country has a tradition of peeping at their neighbor judging by the ROB-1 sales, make your stakes. That's amazing, but we'll try to find and publish such statistics since tit is extremely interesting. The price is rather low - 100-120 Euro. As it's said one has to ay for his sins, now in Euro.

Many remember that 3D games at Mascot Capsule became Sony Ericsson's fad, and 3D tennis is installed almost in all the last models (low-end ones are not accounted). To stress this peculiarity an installation resembling a tennis court with balls was made on the stand. There were lots of the balls, but they were permitted to take. They were more for having some rest from those clamoring visitors. That is actually what we did.

No new devices were placed on the stand, though some of the staff had interesting models inside their pockets for demonstrating to their partners. I don't know how loyal one should be to get access to the new models, but we were not in the list (no secret rooms and private product shows, everything on the stands).

And indeed, we were lucky, running later to the Nokia's stand we saw one of the men cheerfully going in the same direction dropping a small phone on the floor. We really wanted to help him, considering his scared appearance. But, no fate, the dropped device flew a bit and we three rushed to turn the cameras on. And why do professional cameras turn for so long? And what is all this automatics for, if a man can hide a phone in his pocket in 5 seconds? The scared face turned into an awkward one and the man made some jokes about his clumsiness. But we asked to show the Ellen for two seconds longer just to take photos. That was too naive to suppose the man will stay with us, give us his visit card or ask to a neighbor bar for a drink. He just vanished not worse than Cooperfield does.

Mainly our phrase was said by guess-work, since the company plans several sliders in the spirit of the S700 and we got none of them. But judging by the dimensions and a loop-antenna form, the product we saw was Ellen but not a Sakura. But let's go back to a small French that slipped onto the floor so successfully for us. The phone is small, a bit larger than a credit card, but considerably thicker. There are two silvery nets on a side, these are loudspeakers. The backside resembles the K500 in some way, the same camera design, but smaller. The antenna is designed alike the J300. Judging by the colour difference and the body design, interchangeable Style Up panels or something like that will be used. Last year people told, a similar device had to become a style for youth and I think the idea was fulfilled in the Ellen. It is small, medium in price, nice with the maximum possibilities for a user, but making no competition with Sony Ericsson K750. In a word, it will find its customer.

They say, those are lucky who can see their chance in every moment. I don't know whether we deserved that small present at the exhibition but we really liked it. In the car on the way back home we seriously discussed a possibility to find a stranger and ask him in details. But where to find him? Evidently, we should call on the Sony Ericsson's stand more often and do our duty in turns.

Remember Sony Ericsson's stand last year, Cebit 2004>>>

Eladr Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Maria Mitina (maria.mitina@mobile-review.com)

Published — 13 March 2005

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