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Samsung Galaxy Note. First Look

Today, large companies, especially corporate giants like Samsung, do not surprise users with extraordinary products...

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Model line from LG, 2003

In the beginning of the year LG renewed its phone line and introduced G-series. These handsets are successors of W-series, which have GPRS support. Apart from the company unveiled W5300/G5300, which was related to a new phones class. It is not clamshell phone, but bar type. Other novelties were not shown even on CeBIT, they were held to unveil in the second part of the year. Now we can tell about them.

The first one is LG G5400, this clamshell phone unites all elaborations of the company, for the first time the phone from LG has Java and MMS (multiply pages as in Sony Ericsson) support. We have already tested this model, here you can see the results.

Before we begin to describe new phones from LG, let us tell few words about classification of the handsets from LG. All phones in the new line has an index (special letter), which shows functionality of the phone.

  • B budget or entry-level model, rather cheap low-end phones
  • W wap; models, which support wap; they can related to middle and high price segments (W3000, W7000).
  • G GPRS; phones, which support GPRS; they also related to middle and high price bands.
  • U- UMTS; 3G models; they are positioned only in the high price segment now.

As you see, the company is concentrated on one of the phones peculiarities in its classification. Phones of one series can related to different classes. The typical example is W-series.

LG B1300. This model will be introduced in the low-end class. LG B1300 is a little bit revised and improved version of LG B1200. Its interesting that this model is a copy of Alcatel OneTouch 320; it will be available in Russia in summer. An expected price is comparable, about 70 USD. Not only dimensions (106x45x20 cm), but the weight of the phones (85 gramme) are similar. The new model has a lithium-ion battery of 650 mAh capacity. It supports 8-tones polyphony and speakerphone function. One can read more about phones capabilities in Alcatel OT320 review. There are no any differences. The phone from LG is produced on the same plant as the handset from Alcatel. During half a year the company had postponed launching of this phone because it tried to reach a sufficient quality from the manufacturer (LG B1300 is ODM model).

Specifications of LG B1300

LG G3100. LG G3100 is a new model in the middle segment. For the first time the phone from LG of this class is equipped with a color screen. It has STN 4096-color display. As an elder phone G5400, this model supports 32-tones polyphony. Dimensions of the handset are 107x43x22 mm, weight is 85 gramme. It also has a lithium-ion battery, which provides up to 200 hours of standby time and up to 2 hours of talk time. It is a dual band model (GSM900/1800), which supports GPRS (4+2, class 10), EMS. This handset has a synchronization of the phonebook and organizer with PC (MS Outlook). There are no other peculiarities of this model. LG G3100 is a typical phone of this class.

Specifications of LG G3100

LG G5220C. At the first sight it seems that a new clamshell phone is a revised version of LG W5200. It has a new internal display (STN, 65000); other features remain the same. Let us remain the main phones capabilities: 16-tones polyphony, GPRS (class 10), EMS, downloading of new pictures and melodies from PC, voice dialing, voice memo (90 seconds). In reality the new model is based on LG G5300, which has the same display and menu functions. On the whole LG G5220C has only the other form-factor, it turns in a clamshell phone. You can read more details about this model in LG G5300 review. Dont forget about changed form-factor.

Specifications of LG G5220C


LG G5310. In spite of the fact that this model is positioned almost as LG G5300, it is better to compare it with LG G5400. On the contrast to the previously described situation, in this case the clamshell phone is turned to a bar type handset. The phone supports 32-tones polyphony, Java (1 Mb memory), MMS. Other capabilities are the same as in LG G5400.

Specifications of LG G5310

LG G5500. This model has a design, unusual to this company. It has slide parts of the phone, as it was in Nokia 7650 and Siemens SL55. Functions of this model are similar to LG G5400, read a respective review, if you like to know the details.

Specifications of LG G5500

LG G7050. The full copy of the previous model. The only difference is an integrated CMOS-camera, which provides VGS quality (640x480 pixels).

Specifications of LG G7050

LG G7030. The main difference of this phone from LG G700A or LG G7020 is an external OLED 256-color display. It is one of the first similar handsets on the market today. Probably some more similar models will be available till the end of the year. Dimensions of the phone are 85x45x23 mm, the weight is 88 gramme.

Specifications of LG G7030

LG G7070. One more model, which has an integrated VGA-camera. Besides, it supports 4-x Zoom and snapshots. The peculiarity of design is that the phone has one rotated part and internal display can turn into external one. So, the separate external display is not necessary in this handset. The model is based on the same platform as LG G5400 and has the same technological features: 32-tones polyphony, Java, MMS, GPRS (class 10).

Specifications of LG G7070

LG G7100. This model is a full copy of LG G7070. But developers decided that external display is necessary here, in spite of rotated upper part. It is an OLED 256-color screen. The camera is built-in rotated mechanism and positioned on the edge of the phone. It is necessary to rotate the screen to make photos.

Specifications of LG G7100

LG U8100. It is the phone of the third generation; it supports UMTS and GSM900/1800. The main advantages of the handset are integrated camera and a possibility to record short videos. Besides, multimedia player can play back files of AAC, mpeg 4, mp3 formats. The phone has an integrated speakerphone, voice memo, Java, MMS and other standard functions. LG U8100 is equipped with lithium-polymer battery of 1050 mAh capacity. It provides up to 200 hours of standby time and up to 2 hours of talk time. Operating time for GSM networks can be longer. The phone weighs less than 120 gramme, what is not bad for 3G phone. The handset has a monochromic external display and UFB 65K internal display.

Specifications of LG U8100

LG U8150. It is almost a copy of the previous model, the main difference is a battery of increased capacity (1200 mAh, Li-Pol), which is necessary, as the phone has two color displays. It is equipped with 65K external display and TFT 260K internal display. Other features of the models are the same.

Specifications of LG U8150

Among 11 unveiled models, 2 of them are 3G phones, which rather show the capabilities of the company than really play a great role in the phone line. Other models are more important. Most of them are very similar to each other and differ only by functions, but it is a classical approach of LG, which once again was demonstrated in the new line. Unveiled models will be available in the second part of the year and play the main role in sales till the end of the year. On the coming exhibition (Svyazexpocomm, Moscow, Russia) we are going to know more about novelties and publish more photos of these phones.

Eldar Murtazin (eldar@mobile-review.com)
Translated by Maria Sennikova(maria@mobile-review.com)

Published — 12 May 2003

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